All of our products are made of 100% natural ingredients. We ethically source our main ingredients in our Butters from various parts of Africa, We exclusively source our Shea and Black Soap from Ghana, West Africa. All products are free from unnatural preservatives, gluten, and/ or parabens. All of our products are cruelty-free, we do NOT test on animals.

YES! In fact, you may use all of our butters on your hair. We plan to launch a natural hair-care line exclusively for natural curly hair, that can be used for all hair types. All of our butters provide hydration, and as a naturalista we understand the importance of moisture. Shea butter has the power of versatility and can be used for all hair types. For now, we recommend using the raw whipped Shea butter for your natural tresses.

For best results, use our Body Butters immediately after a shower. This will help your body retain the moisture our Body Butters provide. You will notice a softness to the skin, and let our products provide the optimum healing your body deserves.


We recommend you keep all body butters at a temperature of 75 degrees or lower. Anything above that may cause your butters to melt and lose its form. If that ever happens, we recommend storing your melted butters in your fridge until it gains form. Remember, the original texture and form may not be the same after it is melted.

With our main ingredients being butter based, high heat  will cause the product to melt. If butter melts, you can put in fridge to regain the solidness of the butter.

NOTE: Due to our Butters being whipped, when melted it will lose it's form. you will not be able to regain the form or consistency, unless you solidify it and whip it again. However, you can still use the melted butter using the "USE" instructions on the back.

*** Please make sure you're home or have someone bring in your product during summer months. If left outside or in mailbox, product will melt. MarthaLorine is not responsible for melted butters due to it being left outside or in mailbox, once shipped.***

While in the shower, wet the loofah, rub our black soap or pour our liquid soap it. Proceed to scrub your face, body and feet. When done, hang in a dry area. Following your shower, make sure to use our luxurious Body Butters for the ultimate GLOW! *Please refer to the product listing for more in depth instructions.

Ready for that squeaky clean you’ve been missing? Our Black soap provides that fresh squeaky clean you’ve been looking for. You will notice a clearing of your skin within a week of continual usage. For best results, use with our exfoliating Loofahs. Lather it together with our Loofahs and ENJOY pure Luxury.

YES! You can use our African Black soap on your face as a replacement face wash. You will notice the disappearance of acne and other hyper-pigmentation. Remember to lightly use the soap on your face. A little bit goes a long way.

*DO NOT apply soap directly on your face. Always use your hands to apply the soap. Always follow up with our luxurious, moisturizing Body Butters for complete hydration.

NOTE: If you have super dry skin, you should only use this soap twice a week as a mask. Always remember to use lightly.

OF COURSE! Our soap dish are specifically made to provide longevity to your soaps, and protection from bacteria. With the spaces in between our soap dish, gives enough room for your soaps to breathe and dry after every use. Due to our soaps being 100% natural, it needs adequate airflow for preserving. The gathering of liquid on the bottom of your soaps, gives easy access for bacteria to grow. We value our customer’s skin, and felt that it was imperative to provide such resource for all of our soaps we sell.

YES! In-fact we encourage it. For longevity, your Loofahs need to be hung or placed in an area that will help it dry. This will eliminate the build- up of bacteria. The free access airflow will encourage your loofah not only to last, but rid it of any smell brought by dampness.

YES! We look forward to working with social events where we can offer our sales and education on our products. Please contact us through our contact page for participation in these types of events.


At this present moment: returns, refunds and exchanges are not permitted due to the nature of our products. Please refer to our shipping, exchange and returns policy.

Processing and shipment will begin in May, 2019. Please allow up to 3-7 business days for your item to be processed and made before shipment. If there are further delay in your order, we will be sure to contact you ahead of time. All orders are shipped via USPS and should arrive between 5-7 business days. 

Martha Lorine, TM does not provide a cure, prevent, or treat any conditions or diseases. None have been clinically tested, however, our customer reviews may serve as testimonials.