Natural Wooden Soap Dryer

Natural Wooden Soap Dryer


Want long-lasting soaps, without the inflammation from bacteria build-up? You’re at the right place!

Ideal for  preservation and longevity of your natural soap bars. The key to preserving natural soap is ensuring your bars receive adequate air flow. Our Martha Lorine Natural Wooden Soap Dish elevates your soap with wooden bars to allow air to flow and dry your soap!

The usage of our soap dish is imperative to keeping your Natural African Black Soap long-lasting, by ensuring it dries completely after each use. Because your soap isn’t sitting in moisture after use, it not only ensures longevity, but also lessens the accumulation of bacteria build-up from your soap sitting in liquid.

You may use this dish as a natural way to dry your Martha Lorine Loofahs.

Handmade soap holder

  • Crafted from real Pine, natural pine wood, No odor, Non-Toxic. There is nothing to taint the scent of your herbal soap, and no allergens to trigger sensitivities that you or your family may have.

  • Modern & Contemporary design makes it a perfect gift. This soap dish will fit in with any décor in any room of your house, and is ideal as a gift.

How to use

Place soap or loofah on dish after usage.

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