How It All Started

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It all started when,

Our Founder and CEO, Michelle Yancy traveled abroad as an expat in Liberia, West Africa post Ebola epidemic. Upon seeing many children during school hours, filled the streets with loads of goods on their heads and proceeded to enter the dangers of traffic to sell their goods, Ms. Yancy was horrified to learn that these children are the bread winners for their family. When she asked a fellow employee why the children are not in school, she learned that many children in Liberia are unable to attend school because their families cannot afford it, and in-fact they barely have much to feed on daily, let alone to think of the luxury of education. With the lack of education within the youths in Liberia, crime is at the highest. Young girls are constantly raped, and those that are in school have to drop out due to pregnancies and STDs. 

It became Ms. Yancy’s prime goal to be able to utilize her skills and develop the Martha Lorine Foundation, which is inspired by her grandmother (Martha) and mother (Lorine). “The compassion I’ve learned from these women and my faith, instilled in me the will to provide for others, in anyway I can. I believe it is my destiny to support and inspire those who are helpless. We are all responsible as humans to care for one another, and to provide resources to those that are in need. Many of us are blessed with a roof over our heads, food to eat, clean water to drink, and a decent education that helps us contribute to the economy. Many do not have the opportunity that we have, and it is a blessing for us, to be a blessing to others. I believe in giving without expectation of recognition. Education should not be a luxury, and should be imperative for everyone to live.” With the Martha Lorine Foundation, we strive to not only provide assistance to Liberia, West Africa, but also in our national communities and its diaspora. With your financial help, we will be able to achieve our goals of bettering someone’s life. We hope to spread positivity, togetherness, love, and growth in our communities.

We give because, Giving is Human Nature.

-Michelle Yancy, Founder and CEO