About Us

Martha Lorine LLC is a luxurious, naturally handmade essential brand, where we prioritize Healthy Beauty and Natural Wellness. Our primary goal is to help you GLOW in all aspect of your life. We provide honest, fresh, organic ingredients in all of our products. We specialize in naturally made skincare and hair products curated for all skin and hair types. We hand-pick and hand-mix fresh ingredients that contains potent healing and beautifying properties provided by mother nature, ethically and sustainably sourced from West Africa.

Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base of 100% natural organic ingredients, offering  dramatic results. With our extensive list of products, brings a special product for every individual needs. Our products are made to enhance a more supple, youthful and healthy hair and skin. All of our products are made with love, and our environment in mind. Our products are proudly free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals or dyes. We are proud to say that we are leaving our environmental footprint through our usage and promotion of biodegradable packaging.

Our products are guarantee to give you a natural GLOW!

Founder, CEO

Founder, CEO

Now you ask, Who is Martha Lorine?

You are her, and she is you! She is every woman! She is a confident spiritual, strong, educated and well rounded soul. With all of her strength comes the sweet, sensitive, and compassionate qualities. She is a woman that is imperfect, but sees perfection in all of her flaws. MarthaLorine is one who understands that a setback is God’s way of creating a profound comeback! Look at you, taking your skincare into your own hands, by refusing to allow other skincare brands to take away your power of choice by, providing you harmful chemicals in their ingredients. I choose the natural way of beautification. I am a natural woman, chemicals such as parabens, dyes, and  phthalates does not belong in my beauty products. No thank you! I am MarthaLorine. I am a woman of substance. I choose to use the finest ingredients Mother Nature has provided for one of my most precious organs, my Skin! I choose to empower others by making the brave choice of combating waste in our environment and only using biodegradable products. I choose to take my beauty into my own hands, and not conform to the beauty standards that are set. I choose freedom, freedom to know what is in my beauty brands, and knowing the truth about how it was made. Go ahead Ms MarthaLorine, take your beauty into your own hands. GLOW away in mother nature’s finest properties.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire everyone to be more cognizant of the type of products they use on their precious skin, while keeping our environment plastic free. Natural skincare is not only a movement, it is a way of life. Self-Love and Self-Care is very important to us, and we recognize the importance of wellness, so we created the Self-Care Bundle which is curated to giving you a complete glow, with a set of aesthetically pleasing products.

We vow to only produce honest quality products. We believe and promote a healthy lifestyle while achieving healthy skin. Beauty starts from within, and glows brightly outward. Our products are here to assist and help you achieve your goal of healthy, beautiful hair and skin. With the natural properties given to us from mother nature, MarthaLorine is here to be your only health and beauty guru. Healthy, beautiful skin is not a luxury, but a necessity! Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies, and absorbs everything that is placed on it. Why would you use chemicals that you cannot ingest on your most precious organ?  

Our Story


Haunted by the reality of sensitive skin, I had to find a way to cater to my skin’s dire needs, without conforming to the harsh chemicals used in other brands. MarthaLorine was developed in 2013 in my college dorm, when I bought an over the counter household brand, moisturizing lotion. My skin immediately had a bad reaction, resulting in inflammation of bumps all over my already hyper-pigmented skin. After reading the ingredients and could not recognize any of the names, except mineral oil, alcohol and water, I took it upon myself to research the rest of the ingredients. You can imagine how shocked I was to see chemicals that are used in cars, being listed as some of the ingredients in these popular brands. I then made it a mission to make my own hair and skincare products, solely made of all natural organic properties. Being of African decent, I immediately went back to my roots and investigated some of the reasons our people have excellent skin, and included some of that in the MarthaLorine Brand. After seeing the results of how supple and smooth my skin was, my friends and family started to inquire that I make them some. Thus, came the birth of MarthaLorine. I took some years to study and get acquainted with the best ingredients that is suited to everyone needs. You are assured that your skin is getting the best of Natural ingredients to enrich your already beautiful skin.

Our story is one with a family full of people with super sensitive skin. All of our products are handmade in our home as a family unit. The love and care we put into our products will reflect on the enjoyment you get from it. :)

We believe in natural skincare for our precious Little ones!

As a mother to a healthy baby boy, born premature with super sensitive skin, I made it a mission to only use and organically make vegan products for his skincare. MarthaLorine created a special recipe formulated for children of all ages, skin types and needs.



Grandma Martha

Grandma Martha


Inspired by my Grandmother (Martha) and my mother (Lorine), comes the household name of MarthaLorine LLC. This name is also given to my little sister (whose head is represented in my logo). Surviving breast cancer and keeping her GLOW, my grandmother showed me what true resilience is!

These two women represents strength, confidence, faith, compassion and a strong moral compass. I gain all of my wisdom from them. They are my greatest inspiration, and can only hope to be half the woman that they are. Coming from a war torn country, Liberia, I seen the strength of a woman through my mother and grandmother. Making sure that their children would not have to suffer, and making the necessary sacrifice to ensure our well-being was their prime concern. Traveling from country to country in West Africa, seeking asylum, my mother made it an adventure, never making my sister and I realize the atrocity we were facing.

Experiencing different cultures from the many countries I’ve traveled in West Africa, taught me the importance of staying positive and seeing the beauty in all of nature and what God has to offer.

#IamMarthaLorine is a movement, because it represents every woman in this world, that had to be the strength in their families everyday, and especially in time of adversity.